Jackpot- The Game Show 1987

I recorded this in 1987 because my friend and co-worker Jay was on the show and we get a stellar performance by him.

Russ Gibb WCSX FM 1989 & Carl Banis CKFM 1974

The first two clips feature Detroit media legend Russ Gibb on Detroit classic rocker WCSX FM   from Feb 1989. I  have a number of Russ Gibb  air checks from free form WKNR FM on the site and in contrast to his rambling style on those he is more focused here but a free form ethos is still apparent on this air check from 1989.

The music featured is by an early free form staple Jethro Tull and a program called Rock Chronicles and Gibb also plays a track by the Ian Anderson produced Steeleye Span. The outro  song he uses for the  program is by another early free form artist Tim Buckley.

I have more tape of the regular and somewhat early classic rock format of WCSX that I will upload in the future.

The third clip is from AC giant CKFM  FM from May  30, 1974 with Carl Banis. The air check is somewhat fractured  but interesting and features some  faux classical electronic music.

WBCN Radio Commercials April 1971

Here are some commercials and PSA’s from one of my WBCN tapes. from 1971. Some excellent music and movie ads, a spoof ad for inflatable smiles, an anti war PSA and an appearance by Captain Squid:

KOME FM Jona Denz-Hamilton 1977

The majority of audio heard on the site is taken from my personal collection but this is the second contribution from Peter Alexander. The first was uploaded a few years ago and was also from KOME FM. That one was mistakenly attributed to Jona Denz-Hamilton but Jona  sent in a correction and informed me that it was in fact Karin Nakamura .

These clips actually feature Jona and you can hear her ID herself. Taken from the Johnson Years special in 1977 with excellent audio quality. I have a lot of other KOME FM content on the site and you can use the search function to find it.

Wide Open Free Form Radio WKNR FM April 1969

Continuing with my series on WKNR FM from Detroit ( actually Dearborn,  Michigan).  Another clip from “Uncle” Russ Gibb. He speaks a lot and there is an interesting section where he “raps” about his goal of one day owning a radio station. He says something that we would never hear on commercial radio today.  He says some good and bad things about WKNR FM as well as it’s main competition WABX FM.

He also speaks about an upcoming Iggy and the Stooges concert he is promoting at the Grande Ballroom where the broadcast originates from.

Plus some interesting commercials for a Janis Joplin concert as well as one for a Led Zeppelin, Spirit and Illinois Speed press triple bill.

The original tape was recorded on slow speed reel to reel which offers generally poor  quality but the 50 year old recording has survived incredibly well.

Bob Eubanks & Dick Morland KRLA April 18, 1964

An air check from the time when America was in the throes of Beatlemania featuring future Newlywed game host Bob Eubanks and KRLA veteran Dick Morland.

Bob Eubanks started as a DJ and he was instrumental in bringing the Beatles to Los Angeles in 1964.

I have a few more hours of tape from the station in 1964 including an air check  featuring Casey Kasem. Stay tuned.

Radio interviews with the Lovin’ spoonfull, box tops and sparks

Here’s some interviews that I had posted as air checks previously but have now put on You Tube. Rather humorous interviews with the Lovin’ spoonful and Box Tops on Ed Baer’s “The Guard Scene” from 1968.

Plus the Mael brothers and Sparks as interviewed by Jim Reid ( JR) on CFNY from 1983. The group mentions a fan calling in and asking about the group opening for Rick Springfield and that was myself. Had forgotten that until I just listened.

Air Check Made During Texas Trip KILT, KTSA, KNUZ & More

A You Tube post of the second part of an air check made during a trip to Texas in July 1968. A great sample of top 40 radio in the Southwest. Part One is posted to the Radio Miscellany section of the site. This part covers line two in the video pic below. Interesting that a Top 40 station would feature segments from the Firesign Theatre but that is what we hear during a part of the KILT section.

Cross Country Triple Treat K101, WWWW and WNEW

The first clip features the wildly  eclectic San Francisco station K101 FM from San Francisco from 1973. Not progressive, not AC or top 40.  The segment features  station owner James Gabbert plus another announcer near the end.

The second clip is from 1980 and Detroit s WWWW FM. The segment features mostly Doug Podell and the alternative music show W4 Play but there is some other station content as well.

The last clip is from 1982 and features Jim Monahan on progressive WNEW FM from New York.







The Youngbloods on KSAN FM 1971

Uploaded this to You Tube. Taken from a tape that I have which was recorded off KSAN FM San francisco in 1971.


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